Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Wedding Proposal at Fullerton Hotel

Dear, on my Birthday, i decided to post some photos on my successful wedding proposal.. wanted to keep it private but i guess its nice to share our joy with friends and relatives too, right?! =)

Thank you bros, U guys really did a great job.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things to prepare

These are the things that i need to prepare for the BIG DAY:-
1) Balloons and pumps (Done)
2) Flower petals (Collect from fareast flora at 9.30am sat)
3) Laptop + internet mobile token (Collect from bro friday)
4) Ipod (From Dear.. =))
5) Video-cam and tripod (Done)

6) Camera and tripod (Done)

7) Speakers (Laptop)
8) Ribbena (instead of wine) (Done)
9) Godiva dark chocolate (Done)

Thank you Ah toh and bro-in-law

The last 2 important pieces of jig-saw puzzle have been found!!

Thank you very much for lending me your precious expensive videocam and camera, really appreciate it. Will return u asap once i have finished my mission on sat..

By the way, my friend ah toh runs a korean restaurant call SeoulYummy in a few places (Novena square, woodland and Central Mall (Boat Quay) - opening soon). Do support.. =)

Friday, March 13, 2009


I have bought 200 balloons for the occassion. Have tried to tie up the balloons , didnt know its so difficult.. hmm, i am scared that it will burst !! Hahaha.. didnt know that i am scare of balloons! hahaha.. Need to overcome this fear else i wouldnt be able to complete my task. Stress** Haha.. Bros, hmm i am wondering if they are scared too.. keke..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Report for duty (Adrian, Mel and Ah Qiang) on 28 Mar 09

Yo Bros!!
U are very "fortunate" to be selected for the lungs workout on 28 March 09.. Haha.. Pls do proper warm up before coming to this once in a lifetime challenge... =)

Tools will be provided.. like first aid kit, ambulance standby, etc.. haha.. (Joking)
I have bought 3 manual air-pumps and about 200 pieces of balloons. 3 persons will be pumping the balloons and tying up while i will be decorating the room and do the setting up of the equipment. Dont worry, i will help when i finish setting up my things. (roughly abt 30mins)..

Below is a simple time schedule on the actual day:-
1) I will most prob. be driving there. So we meet at 11am at my house. Mel, u come over or i meet u there? which is easier for u.. as long as i see everyone in Fullerton lobby at 12noon can liao.
2) Adrian, if u are driving, i think i can get the complimentary carpark ticket for u.
3) Meet 12noon Fullerton Lobby
4) Hopefully can finish the things before 2pm. Cos my countdown timer for the proposal strike at 3pm sharp.. although the timing can be changed.

If there are any changes on that day, i will keep everyone inform by phone call.. cos from my understanding, we can check in betw 12noon to 3pm (latest) depending on the guest in the room that day.

SOLDIERS ROGER?? keke... Giam sia, treat u all for dinner when this event is over..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things to prepare for the proposal day

Dear, this month will be a very busy month for me.. 1) Have to prepare things for the proposal day 2) Have to study CFA 3) Have to start practising my guitar 4) Have to earn more $ for my trading, hopefully 2 months later can get my acc.

These are the things that i need to prepare for the BIG DAY:-
1) Balloons and pumps
2) Flower petals
3) Laptop + internet mobile token
4) Ipod
5) Video-recorder and tripod (who has??!!)
6) Camera and tripod
7) Speakers
8) Ribbena (instead of wine)
9) Godiva dark chocolate

Hmm.. cant think of anymore.. will update again if i think of any..

Busy busy like a bee!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blue Black Eye

Dear, This week i am suppose to prepare the balloons, source for flowers, wine etc for the proposal day but i think i better stay at home because of my eye.. haha.. too paiseh to walk around in the street. Haha..

Dear, this is the result of cable ski.. my eyebrow knocked on the board (lucky its not eye ball) when i fell into the water.. haha.. Next time we go BATAM play ok? Dont know y people say its a place for sex.. to me, its more for family outing.. got archery, go-kart, cable ski and many many sports at cheap prices..